Radiant Imaging and its divisions:
The Hill Medical Corporation and Arcadia Radiology Medical Group unanimously agree that annual screening mammograms should start at age 40


In alliance with the American College of Radiology, the Society of Breast Imaging and many major cancer organizations, Radiant Imaging strongly recommends women begin their ANNUAL screening mammography routine at age 40 and continuing as long as a patient has a 10-year life expectancy. Women with a family history of breast cancer should consult with their primary care physician about when to get their baseline mammogram and if additional imaging is needed. Furthermore:

  • The American Cancer Society (ACS) breast cancer screening recommendations affirm the importance of annual mammography screening beginning in the 40s and starting screening mammograms at age 40 is stated as an option. Annual mammographic screening yields a larger mortality reduction than does biennial screening.
  • The clinical breast exam should remain as part of a women's health examination. Radiant Imaging feels strongly that the clinical encounter is critical to ensure that activities such as risk assessment and healthy lifestyle recommendations are conducted.
  • Patients should be informed of emerging screening technology that has fewer drawbacks such as decreasing false positive results and ultrasound imaging for dense breast patients.


  • Have the American Cancer Society’s or the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s changes impacted insurance coverage?
    • No – not yet. The American Cancer Society’s recently revised recommendations give ammunition to the US Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendations. Once finalized, the Task Force’s recommendations are used by insurance companies to dictate coverage – annual mammography as well as all mammography for women in their 40’s IS AT RISK.
  • Why go every year?
    • The bottom line is that early detection is the key to beating breast cancer. Additionally, annual screening results in lower recall rates than does biennial screening and finds cancer at the earliest stage – providing a more favorable prognosis.


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